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Scott Terry - Red Wanting Blue
Scott Terry is a founding member of Red Wanting Blue, a band he created while studying at Ohio University in 1995. Though the band line-up has shifted over the years, he has remained a constant source of energy and focus — a driving force behind the band’s relentless touring process.

He has admirably dedicated well over a decade to touring with Red Wanting Blue, contributing lead vocals, tenor guitar, and ukulele. Often earning him well-deserved praise are his rich baritone voice, consistently thoughtful songwriting, and perseverance in weathering the music industry without a record label. It’s the passion behind his live performances, however, that keep him immensely popular with old and new fans alike.

Equipment List:

1967 Gibson TG-25
Audix OM-3 Microphones
Sennheiser EW300 G3 In Ear Monitor System
Rapco Horizon Cables
GHS Strings

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