Big news of the day:  Red Wanting Blue will perform the new album “From The Vanishing Point” in its entirety as part of the upcoming October 13th show at Newport Music Hall in Columbus.  Bigger news of the day:  You’re invited to hear the album beforehand as we unveil each track from October 1st through the day of the show. 

Here’s Josh Bloom from Fanatic Records with more: 

Hey everyone – this is Josh from Red Wanting Blue’s record label, Fanatic Records.  

I know you’ve been asking and we can now announce that the national release date of “From The Vanishing Point” is January 10, 2012.  While that may seem like a long wait, the label needs that time to set up the marketing that surrounds a label release. In the meantime, we have something special planned. 

Starting on October 1st and every subsequent day leading up to Red Wanting Blue’s show at the Newport Music Hall on October 13th, we will start streaming a track from the new album, in order, until the entire album is streaming on October 13th.  

Then, that evening, Red Wanting Blue will dedicate part of their hometown show at the Newport Music Hall to performing “From The Vanishing Point” live, in its entirety from start to finish.  We’re planning on special commemorative t-shirts and posters for that night as well.  This is one you’ll want to travel for! 

Just a reminder: “Audition” will be available for download from all digital retailers on September 6th. On October 1st, we will start taking pre-orders for the entire album on CD, Double-LP and/or Digital. 

When you place your order, you will immediately receive downloads of “Audition,” “Magic Man,” another track from the new album to be determined, and two additional bonus tracks that we’ll announce by October 1st.  These additional bonus tracks (as well as “Magic Man”) will also be available to the folks that purchased the “These Magnificent Miles” double LP.  Goodies!

There will also be options to bundle your pre-order with special “From The Vanishing Point” merchandise, tickets to upcoming shows and so on.  All pre-orders will ship ahead of the release date to arrive to you before the holidays.

We also want you to know that we are working to set up a “Store Tour” of record stores in and around the band’s live touring regions where Red Wanting Blue will play acoustic sets and sign records. This will happen around the time of release in January.  

If you preorder the CD, then make sure to bring a friend with you to buy it from a Mom n’ Pop record store and support independent retail!  More details are forthcoming about which stores the band will visit, where and when. 

Needless to say, we are very excited about all of this and we hope you are too.  Please get a copy of “Audition” on September 6th and be sure to check in at 10AM Eastern on October 1st as we begin to reveal “From The Vanishing Point” track-by-track.