We’ll be playing two sets at Newport Music Hall on October 13th. One being the new album “From The Vanishing Point” in it’s entirety and the other a set of your RWB favorites. For now, this is the one and only time planned to play all of the upcoming “From The Vanishing Point” album in it’s entirety, so it will be a very special show for us.

We have another reason why it’s going to be special, too: We are shooting the official music video for “Audition” that night! During the “From The Vanishing Point” set, there will be multiple cameras capturing our performance of “Audition”, and it won’t be just our cameras, it’ll be your cameras as well!

We are not only inviting you to be in the video by being in the audience, but also to get out your smart phone and shoot some of your own footage for the “Audition” video! It’s going to go down as a seamless one-try-to-get-it-right part of the night, so get there early, get up front and get your smart phones ready!

After the show, you can e-mail us at audition@redwantingblue.com and we’ll give you instructions on how to get your footage to us. It just might end up in the finished video!

If you’re planning on attending the Newport show and haven’t grabbed a ticket yet, we have a special “From The Vanishing Point” pre-order package for this event that includes a Newport ticket, an autographed “From The Vanishing Point” Live at Newport poster, and a copy of the “From The Vanishing Point” CD plus digital download. The pre-order comes with five instant download MP3s as well.


We’re so excited for you to be part of the creation of the “Audition” video. We wanted to shoot it live to capture the true essence of our band for the world to see and also to showcase our hometown venue and audience. If you’re from out of town, we invite you to Columbus for the night. This will be the one to travel to! We hope to see you at (and in) the show.