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From The Vanishing Point

From The Vanishing Point


So, you’re off in NeverNever Land? Couldn’t wait for Peter Pan?
Wendy, you know it’s never the same when you’re on your own
Now, do you miss me?  And think about all the time you could’ve kissed me
But never made a move.  Neither did I.

But birthday cards drizzled with crayon
And letters on Valentine’s day just to say hello
Were you too shy to say what I wanted so badly to know?
And by the way, Veruca… do you remember flying to heaven with Toad?
Or staying up late waiting for Godot?

I’m just a friend.  I want a larger role.
I’m just a friend. I never told you, though.
I’m just a friend. Cast me in your show.
I wanna take back all the times I never told you
I’ll be there for you.
Take back all the times I couldn’t hold you
I’ll be there for …(you)

The Saturday night premiere for your career
Tell me, are you disillusioned
About all the makeup and what they make you wear?
And did they cut your hair?
And all the lipstick
It’s a little (too) much on your lips
I wanna rub it off with my fingertips
You know they look so much better
When they’re completely bare


When you’re dreaming big tonight
Don’t forget your old life

Sleep easy, baby
Rest easy, baby
You’ve replaced your name with fame
Sleep easy, baby
Rest easy, baby
I wanna win the girl before the name