Hope On A Rope

Appearing On:
From The Vanishing Point

From The Vanishing Point


The dream’s a whale
And I am Ahab
I am the captain of this rusty bucket ship
I left my home
In search of big gold
I promised my family that I’d break the mold
So I set sail for the land of greener grass
But so much time has passed
I forgot what I was looking for

Hope on a rope.
The butt of a bad joke.
Push yourself to the limit, kid
That-a-boy, way to go

Compass is broke
It gives me no direction
It reads like a riddle
Gotta see through the smoke
“Stay the course” folks will all say
From port to port, but they never know the way
Deliver me Lord, some kind of answer
This dream’s a cancer, and I can’t paddle no more


Anchor down. I breathe in.
‘Cause we’ve got hope
We won’t be sinking

There’s no end to this road.

Our hope like a carrot on a rope
Always off in the distance
Thar she blows
Our hope like a carrot on a rope
Just out of reach
Thar she blows
Breathing in and out