Love Remains

Appearing On:
From The Vanishing Point

From The Vanishing Point


The cards are stacked
Against us, Dear
And there’s no going back
Our love remains
Still in tact
But not on track
Oh, well…

Don’t give up. You can keep up. Keep on moving
Chasing the sound of the sun somewhere going down
I have a love, but the road royally did anoint
I leave my Queen to be King of the Vanishing Point
And I go further out. Deeper down into the hole
Keep losing pieces in an effort to make things whole
My love remains my lighthouse out of sight
I’m in the dark (now)… but I’m holding on for life

You keep tabs
On the good times and the bad
Filing the losses and the gains
I need your hands
Measure the weight of love’s demands
Balance the hope against the pain…for me


Don’t give up
Holding on for life
Our love remains



Don’t give up
You can keep up
Keep on moving