Hotel Oblivion

Appearing On:
Little America

Little America Red Wanting Blue


Spinning my reels, dreaming Living in between the frames
Mining for my fortune
And fame
While my Clementine
Keeps waiting
Another world away
I can hear her out in Oblivion Call my name

Holding down
Home sweet home
Home. Sweet. Home.

You and me
Me and you
Oh, I guess we’re all we got
I know that we’re not
What you envisioned
We may never meet
The expectations
We gave ourselves
From the start
But just like the constellations Outshine their stars
We are worth so much more Together than we are apart

Dark days are here now, Baby So sing me a song
Sing it out
So I can find where I belong
And may we be
Each other’s waves?
While we sail
Our separate seas?
‘Cause I want to rock you
The way you rock me

We’ve got our differences
And then some
Our differences
And then some

You and I are so alike
Different skin
With the same bones
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Home sweet home
Home. Sweet. Home.