The Warehouse Sessions

December 12th, 2006
The Warehouse Sessions
Track Listing:

Intro/Pride Is A Lonely Blanket (CD/DVD)
Where You Wanna Go(CD/DVD)
Spies and Lovers (CD/DVD)
Fallen (CD)
Spacetime (CD/DVD)
Come Pick Me Up (CD/DVD)
Finger In The Air (CD/DVD)
Are You Listening (CD/DVD)
The Best And The Borrow (DVD)
You Are My Las Vegas (CD/DVD)
Borderline (CD)
Hello (CD)
Selling Tomorrow (CD)
Decorator (DVD)
Lover Don’t Leave (CD/DVD)
Your Alibi (CD/DVD)

Executive Producer: Mark Anderson
Director: Wayne Sells
Audio: John Schwab Studios
Producers: Mike Blosel, Robb Dierken, David Bell, Jeff Boddy
Post Production/DVD: Spacejunk Media
Album Artwork by: Taverner Terry
Album Photography: Ben Goldstein

All Songs ASCAP
All Songs Written by Red Wanting Blue, Silveracci Hits International, except: “Come Pick Me Up” written by Ryan Adams and Van Alston

The Warehouse Sessions is a live album/DVD recorded in the bands warehouse and studio space in front of 100 of RWB biggest fans from across the country. Tickets to this intimate event sold out in under two minutes. The Warehouse Sessions debuted at No. 1 on Awarestore.com (Aware Records online store) in its first week of pre-sale. It was made to bridge the gap between Pride: The Cold Lover and 2008’s These Magnificent Miles. This album/DVD featured early acoustic versions of fan favorites “You Are My Las Vegas” and “Finger in the Air” from These Magnificent Miles.