Selling Tomorrow

Appearing On:
Model Citizen


Gimme a piggyback ride
Your memories go round me so tightly
For you I’d sell all my tomorrows to keep you today
Gimme your conscience to break
I don’t care, I’ve got heartache at stake
And for you I’d sell all my tomorrows to keep you today

I will not pretend
This bracelet defends everything
And now I’ve got to stop
Gone livin my life like it’s only a rehearsal
Remember our shows on parking garage rooftops we’d stare…
At a world, wild, and willing out there
And for you I’d sell all my tomorrow’s to keep you today

I wanna see the darker side of paradise
Lottery queen, I’m rolling the dice
You’re my trophy for all of my dreams that tackle me
With memories like…
Phantoms in my sleep
On parking garage rooftops we’d stare
I was your lover
No courage to dare
And now you and I fall
I’d give you it all today

Crystal and consequence shatter on regret and cement
You are a cavalry for the broken hearted
And I am a pirate for the lost and departed

There will be no daydreaming
Today my secrets revolted and ran away to tell everyone that I’m desert bound again, again
To dream for more
Your cactus heart
I’ve found the sweetest sting
I wanna suck the salt from your skin tonight
Gonna make you taste so sweet again and on…
You move like crosses on the sinning heart of a man who don’t know what to believe
Other than the girl
I’m shaking, I’m shaking
Caution, contents are no longer what they appear to be anymore