Where The Blue Girl Goes

Appearing On:
Model Citizen


Over the hills and not so far away
Just enough to know that if you could
You would trade away your today for yesterday
I know a girl
Who lost her way…
Into a dizzy side of a sunnier tomorrow
And without her horns…
But with my cape she ran

Where you goin girl
I’m blinded out here in the dark fire baby you are my campfire light
You make this fire so strong in me as you feed me apple crumble
I’m crumblin on my knees tonight

I wanna feel you
I wanna come closer
I wanna be one of the feathers to help you fly
And with a little love in all the wrong places
The rest of me has no choice but to follow

Believe in your everything
You are my basis of comparison to everyone
And no one that I met was even worth trying to pair
Comb, comb, comb your hair
Boy, you don’t wanna be the one who looks out of place tonight

I wanna be your bandaid
So I can heal you up from all life’s little cuts
I wanna be your bottlecap
To make sure you never go flat on me
I invite you to come inside to make me